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    Welcome to Collier County School's Interscholastic Athletics web page. The Office of the Coordinator of Interscholastic Athletics administers and/or provides support to middle and high schools in many aspects of the district’s athletic activities.  This office works closely with district high schools, all of which hold membership in the Florida High School Athletic Association, in areas such as scheduling, eligibility, compliance, and policy issues.  District high school students participate in 21 competitive FHSAA-sponsored sports.  Since 2007, the Middle School Intramural / Interscholastic Athletic Program (MSATHL) have offered opportunities for district middle school students to participate in 10 girls and boys sports at the intramural level.  Interscholastic competition among district middle schools has been a highlight of the program. 

    For more information, please contact:
    Mark Rosenbalm, Coordinator
    Interscholastic Athletics
    (239) 377-0023 • RosenbMa@collierschools.com


    Goals of the Middle School Athletic Program:

    1. The Collier County Middle School Athletic Program will provide opportunities for as many students as possible to participate in an intramural athletic setting.
    2. The Collier County Middle School Athletic Program will provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to pursue excellence in their sport through interscholastic competition.
    3. The Collier County Middle School Athletic Program will strive to promote in students an enthusiasm and positive perception of their school experience.

    Philosophy of the High School Athletic Program:

    We believe that it is the duty of everyone affiliated with Collier County Athletics to…
    1. Stress the values of fair play.
    2. Recognize that the purpose of competitive athletics is to promote the physical, moral, mental, social, and emotional well-being of the individual.
    3. View an athletic contest in the proper perspective, as a game rather than a “do or die” effort.
    4. Downplay all conduct that tends to lessen the highest values of the game.
    5. Stress the highest ideals of ethical conduct, sportsmanship, and fair play.
    6. Show courtesy and respect to all visiting teams, fans, and officials.
    7. Encourage the development of leadership, initiative and good judgment in all team members.

    Sportsmanship - Expectations

    Interscholastic Athletic programs are an integral component of the Superintendent’s mission of “Student Achievement and Development.”  As such, coaches, sponsors, and parents – who are first and foremost teachers and role models – are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship in general and to promote self-discipline, poise, and compliance within the “Rules of the Game.”  Coaches and student athletes are expected to exhibit behaviors that are exemplary and exceptional at all times.  Athletes represent themselves and their school community.  Coaches in all sports are expected place emphasis on the ideals of good sportsmanship and to instill those values into their sports programs and their athletes.

    Concussion Management Program:

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