• Career Academies

    What are Career Academies?
    Career Academies are rigorous Small Learning Communities within a high school that focus on career preparation, and go beyond traditional Career Education to integrate academic and technical curricula, raise student ambitions, increase career options, and provide a meaningful learning context for both college and non college-bound students. Academies are schools within a school, run by a small team of teachers from various disciplines.

    Collier County organizes Career Academies using National Standards. Each of the program strives to meet the standards set forth by the approving organization. Each school has at least two National Academy Foundation academies which can include Engineering, Information Technology, Health Science or Hospitality and Tourism. Other Collier approved academies include Construction, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Teacher Education. Academies vary by school, for a list of the Career Programs and Academies in all high schools refer to the link at the bottom of this page.

    What student population is served by a Career Academy?
    Appropriate students are those who volunteer for the program and demonstrate their commitment through an application process. Because the career academy focuses on a career theme for a field in which demand is growing and high-wage employment exists, students that have an interest in the particular career focus would be drawn to the program. Students planning on entering the workforce or college would benefit from a career academy focus.

    How does a student know what career to focus on and which Career Academy to apply for?
    Students in the ninth grade may take a course in Practical Arts, that researches careers and assesses potential paths. In this course, the career academy options are explored, as well as post-secondary training options and college or university study. A student may elect to apply for a career academy and switch around to find the appropriate fit. The required core curriculum is covered in every career academy. The difference is within the elective requirements and the focus of the career academy's sequence of career and technical education courses along with other elected courses that complement the program.

    How do I Enroll in a Career Academy?
    If you are requesting an academy out of your school zone, you must apply using the out of zone process. You can get information on that process by going to http://collierschools.com/parents/zoninginfo.asp which is Zoning and School Choice Information on the district website.  You must carefully follow the process identified with special effort to meet all of the required deadlines.

    If you are requesting an academy in your school zone, you should contact the school counselor to determine the best process to enroll in an academy.
    See below for a complete listing of current career academies, please on the link below.