Accounting Department
     Department Fax Number (239) 377-0072
    Director of Accounting
    Cindy Reinertsen
    Specialist to the Director of Accounting
    Cynthia Desmond-White
    Telephone: 239-377-0045
    Accounts Payable Supervisor
    Isabel Sturgeon
    Telephone: 239-377-0044
    Supervisor of Accounting
    Wendy Seitzinger
    Telephone: 239-377-0048
    Specialist II
    Reina Medina
    Telephone: 239-277-0043
    Supervisor of Accounting
    Ana Stewart
    Telephone: 239-377-0055
    Specialist I
    Rosa Di Bona
    Telephone: 239-377-0042 
    Financial Services Accountant-Accounting
    Wendy (Peng) Luo
    Telephone: 239-377-0040
    Specialist I
    Diane Griffin
    Telephone: 239-377-0063
    Financial Services Accountant-Accounting
    Yaili Rives
    Telephone: 239-377-0058
    Specialist I
    Faye Fongemie
    Telephone: 239-377-0052
    Financial Services Accountant-Accounting
    Cindy Winslow
    Telephone: 239-377-9973
    Specialist I
    Yadira Medina
    Telephone: 239-377-0054
    Financial Servies Account-Accounting
    Karie Haertling
    Telephone: 239-377-3783 - Medicaid Fax: 239-377-0069
    Specialist I
    Janet Patterson
    Telephone: 239-377-0070
    Internal Funds Accountant
    Patricia Mitchell
    Telephone: 239-377-0057 - Fax: 239-377-0068
    Specialist I
    Rosemary Sanchez
    Telephone: 239-377-0049
      Accounting Clerk
    Telephone: 239-377-0053
      Part-Time District General Office Assistant
    Bradley Rodriguez
    Telephone: 239-377-0038 
    Employees Only