• Advanced Studies in CCPS Elementary Schools

    for Elementary School Students Who Are Gifted or High Performing


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    Providing Students with Excellence in Their Education

    Collier County Public Schools is committed to excellence in all educational endeavors.  As a part of this commitment, differentiated instruction designed to meet the learning needs of all students is provided in each classroom every day.  For students requiring acceleration beyond the typical grade level curriculum, as evidenced by performance both in the classroom and on standardized assessments, a variety of options are available:

    • Guided Reading Instruction based on above-grade level materials
    • Flexible grouping in math to encourage exploration beyond grade level expectations
    • Gifted extensions in language arts, math, science, and social studies which challenge students so they are able to deepen their understanding of content and extend their learning while applying key concepts and skills  

    For more information regarding differentiated instruction at your school as well as opportunities for accelerated learning opportunities, please contact your school's principal.

    Contact your school for more information.
    Academic Competitions in CCPS Elementary Schools
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