• Tropical Weather

    Lightning Prediction System

    THOR GUARD is a “lightning prediction system” and not a radar.  It uses sensors to evaluate changing atmospheric conditions that are predictive of conditions that are consistent with lightning events.  All schools are covered by a Thorguard system however in some instances where we have multiple schools collocated they operate under a “slave and master” configuration with the master being linked electronically to the slave. By placing THOR GUARD in each school, our goal is to maximize safety by providing our staff and students with critical, timely lightning warning information in an easy-to-use format.
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    Weather-Related Information and School Closings

    In case of weather-related emergencies, information regarding school operations coming directly from the school district office will be available from five sources:

    • School District Website – www.collierschools.com, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
    • Social Media - Join us Facebook and Twitter for LIVE updates
    • The Education Channel – Comcast, cable 99.
    • ParentLink – parents and staff can expect to receive an automated phone message and/or text message containing vital school closing and re-opening information.
    • Notifications – subscribers of CCPS Mobile App will receive emergency information updates. To learn more about CCPS Mobile, please click here.

    Other Resources:

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