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Social Studies
Communities: Long Ago & Today
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Grade 3- Communities: Long Ago and Today
Enchanted Learning - World Geography
Enchanted Learning Continents
Sheppard Software - USA Games
Interactive website to teach mapping skills
Funbrain - Where is That?
Funbrain game in which students must identify countries, states and capitals.
Scholastic - Puzzled States
Puzzled States
You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy
Based on the book You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy!
Jefferson County Schools
Social Studies
Presidents of the US
PBS - The Democracy Project
Be President for a Day Explore the job requirements for the U.S. Presidency, identify the different people the President might meet with in an average day and experience the President's typical agenda with this online interactive activity.
Kids Zone - Colonial Williamsburg
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation operates the world’s largest living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia
PBS - Step Inside the Voting Booth
The Democracy Project: Inside the Voting Booth Consider why it is important to vote, examine times in U.S. election history when one vote made a difference in an election's outcome, learn several historical facts about voting and vote in a mock issues survey.
PBS - Beeswax
News Flash Five Get weekly updates on election-related stories in both audio and text formats from this Web-exclusive news site for kids.
Enchanted Learning - Zoom Explorers
Enchanted Learning- Explorers
PBS - African American World
African American World
Ancient Civilizations for Kids
Ancient Civilizations for Kids
National Geographic for Kids
National Geographic for Kids
Time for Kids
Time for Kids
The Time Trail
The History Time Trail