• Collier County Public School Board

    The Collier County School Board is vested by the Florida Constitution with the responsibility to operate, control and supervise all free public schools within the district. The Board appoints the Superintendent of Schools, who is the Secretary and Executive Officer of the School Board, and who administers the daily operations of the district. The Collier County School Board is composed of five members, elected at large, for staggered four-year terms. It exercises all powers and duties assigned by law, operating also under the regulation of the Florida Board of Education. 
    Vision - Where We Are Going 
    All students will complete school prepared for ongoing learning as well as community and global responsibilities.
    Mission - How We Get There

    By providing exceptional educational opportunities that motivate and engage each student. 
    Essential Strategies - In order to accomplish our goal, we must: 
    • Provide every school with a principal who builds a collaborative learning community that produces results for all students. 
    • Ensure that each child has skilled and committed educators. 
    • Provide a safe, caring and rigorous learning environment with multiple opportunities for student development and success. 
    • Develop our diverse student body into a community of learners who are intellectually curious and motivated to achieve. 
    • Collaborate with families as partners in the learning and development of students. 

    Supporting Strategies- Other important steps will be to: 
    • Dedicate resources to prioritize student learning. 
    • Invest in the continuous growth of all teachers through relevant grade and subject-level professional development and mentoring opportunities. 
    • Strengthen an ongoing, two-way dialogue between the district and our community. 
    • Build school communities in which principals, teachers, staff, students and parents value and respect one another and the role that they play in student success.

    Beliefs - We believe that:
    • All students can meet and exceed high performance standards and must be continuously challenged to do so.
    • Each person in the school system must be focused on student success.
    • We must understand and embrace our students’ diverse cultures and learning styles.
    • The district and the community, together, are responsible for giving students academic and other essential support so they can focus on learning.
    • The school board and superintendent must create and maintain a relationship that is collaborative and trusting, in which all parties have a clear understanding and respect of roles and are working toward shared goals.
    • Effective, collaborative work with the community will produce success for students.
    • We must base all of our decisions on evidence and the best interest of students.
    • We have the ability to meet all state and federal government requirements