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    The staff at Gulf Coast High believes it is important for students to be involved in clubs and activities at the school. Below is a list of clubs and activities available to students. 

    Students may start their own club once they have a school sponsor, have established bylaws and have approval from Mr.Nelson.  Club Rush is scheduled at lunch during first quarter giving all students an opportunity to learn about our clubs.  Please note that all clubs must be established with a school sponsor and approval from Mr.Nelson by the date of Club Rush.

    Some of the clubs and activities have websites that you can access to learn more about the organization. These links are provided to you for your convenience. When you click on one of these links, you leave the Collier County High School website. These sites are not under the control of Gulf Coast High School or the Collier County School System. Gulf Coast High School is not responsible for the contents of any of these sites. 

    Contact Mr.Nelson(AP) for information regarding 2017-8 Clubs  

    GCHS Band Website

    Activity/Club    Sponsor Room Meeting day Community or GCHS Contribution Idea
    12th Fin Ashley Hartz 4-100  
    Academic World Quest Susan Soulard 4-111  
    Advanced Studio Art Club Daniel Papanikolaou 5-145 M, T, W @ Lunch A safe and enriching environment where students can explore different art ventures and experiment with different media.
    ARK Broccoletti/Merril 5-250  
    *Asst Band Director Austin Gomez 8-185  
    Astronomy Club Ricky Martin 5-122 Tuesday Lunch
    *Aux Unit Support for Band Alison Shoemaker    
    *Aviation Technology Club Phil Depuy 6-172  
    *Band Director Gomez & Goff 8-185  
    Captains Club Jose Arias 2-042  
    Chess Tammy Chabot 5-225 wednesdays lunch
    *Choral Director Tara Buonamici 8-181  
    *Color Guard Tim Ford 6-177 Tues/Thurs after school
    Computer Club Rick Martin 5-122 Thursday lunch
    Young Author's Society Baldwin 5-243 Tues Afternoon
    *Debate Team Sponsor Marsha Layne 5-130  
    DECA Club Shawn Kelly 5-123 Tuesdays (lunch) DECA Helping Hands Community Project
    *Drama Club Massari 8-085  
    *Dramatics Director Massari 8-085                                        
    *Drill Team Ricardo Mitchell 6-175 TBD                                      
    FCA Eric Maya 4-101 Tuesday lunch
    Fish Bowl Rick Martin 5-122 Wednesday after school
    *French Honor Society Dr. Etienne 6-173                                        
    *Freshman Class Sponsor Andrew Grillo PO305  
    Friendship Club Merrill/Broccoletti 5-250 Wednesday(lunch) Adopt A Family Holiday Project
    Game Design  Nelson 6-165  
    *Gay/Straight Alliance Thom Croce 5-235  
    GCHS Fishing Club Mitchell 5-227 3rd Wednesday of month
    Glee Club Tara Buonamici 8-181  
    HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Susan Ellard 6-161 Fridays @ lunch STEAM Village booth; Pennie for Pasta; blood drives
    *International Thespian Society Massari 8-085  
    *Italian Club Sheryl Martino 6-162                                        
    JLAB Academics Mitchell 6-177  
    JLAB Leadership Tim Ford 6-177  
    *JROTC Supply Officer Tim Ford 6-177  
    *Junior Class Asst Sponsor Sundai Weston 5-241  
    *Junior Class Sponsor Del Cristo 5-132  
    K is For Kids Kelly Stephens Gym Thursdays (lunch) Teen Fashion Show in February; Annual Celebrate Reading Book Fair; reading volunteers with Boys & Girls Club
    Kids Can Elliot Singletary PO301 TBA
    *Key Club Charlynnda Grisso Gym Wednesday(lunch) Students volunteer through various activities and events. Food drives, Unicef, Christmas stocking handout.
    Make a Wish Lisa Townsend 6-170 Tuesdays (lunch) raise and donate money to local chapter for Make a Wish
    *Legal Mock Trial John MacAndrew PO 304 Thursdays after school 2:10
    *Model UN Susan Soulard Media Mondays (lunch)
    *Mu Alpha Theta Academic Team Kelly Walters 5-251 Wednesday(lunch) competitive mathematics honor society.  Occasional practices Wed after school in the media center.  Adopt-a-family
    Music Mentoring Tara Buonamici 8-181 TBA
    *National Honor Society Tracy Tyo Auditorium 2nd Tuesday of every month (lunch)
    *Orchestra Director Tara Buonamici 8-181  
    Play it Again Elliot Singletary PO301  
    *Raider Team Tim Ford 6-177 MON-FRI after school
    Relay for Life Buckles 5-232  
    Reading Buddies Sundai Weston 5-241 Monday Lunch
    Rotary Club Grisso 5-250 Mondays (lunch) Students volunteer through various activities and events. 
    *Scholar Bowl Liz Lenhart 5-245 Mondays after school
    *Senior Class Asst Sponsor Alan Scott 5-140  
    *Senior Class Sponsor Marsha Layne 5-130  
    *Spanish Academic Team Nora Rosas/Alan Scott 5-222 Wednesday(lunch) Students volunteer at local nursing homes and sing and chat  to patients in spanish. Also, have spanish tutoring available to all levels at GCHS.  
    *Sophomore Class Sponsor Kelly Stephens 5-142  
    Step Club Nelson 6-165                                        
    *Student Council Sponsor Jonas Rockhold 5-230 Tuesdays (lunch) Work with students and teachers to improve the culture and climate of the school through activities like Homecoming, Adopt a Family, Talent Show, Disney Leadership Trip, Prom, contributions to the community, working with PBS and administration).
    Tri-M Music Honor Tara Buonamici 8-180 last Friday of month at lunch                                      
    *Yearbook Sponsor Scott Thieves 5-134  
     *Yearbook Club Pricilia Delcristo 5-132