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Welcome to the Gulf Coast High School Student Services Office!  

Counselor Students Assigned Phone
Lyndsey Dombroski A-Cl: FSW Full time 377-1425
Cindy Giles Co-D/ FGCU  377-1417
Department Chair                          
Heather Minsker E-J            College Visits              377-1418
Peg Reale K-M                          377-1406
Tracy Tyo N and Gifted 377-1424
Maureen Marvin O-Sa/ELL 377-1419
Deb Wessman Sc-Z              Career Fair       377-1423
Maria Benedict  Reading Coach 377-1468
Caroline Hylemon Testing Coordinator 377-1430
Greg Maniscalco INSS 377-1411
Anabel Lopez Guidance Secretary 377-1415
 Tba ESE Secretary 377-1518
Maria Moss Data Entry 377-1405
Jackie Johnson Office Assist 377-5156
Guidance fax   377-1596

Important Information:

FSW Spring Admissions Events - link to flyer

  • Florida SouthWestern State College Open House Week Feb 27-March 2, 2017

  • Florida SouthWestern Free Application Fee March 20, 2017


Outward Bound Spring Break 2017 Hurricane Island Sailing Program/Scholarship

Volunteer/Community Service
      Documentation for volunteer/community service hours must be preapproved by the guidance counselor. This policy will be strictly enforced. Each student must obtain prior approval from his/her counselor to ensure that the community service site meets the criteria and that the student will receive community service hours for volunteering. The forms are located in the Guidance Office
2016-17 courses Offered
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