• The Titan Way of doing and learning science is focused on student success.  We know that science is the future, and we want our students to have their futures include the newest technological and scientific advances.  Our classes and clubs are career and student interest focused.  We offer clubs including:
    • The Florida Envirothon
    • Robotics Club
    • STEM Competition
    • Academic Team
    • Chemistry Club

    Academic rigor is another aspect of the Titan Way that we demonstrate.  We have embraced the Cambridge AICE program and have been offering classes that lead towards the AICE diploma for 4 years.  Department AICE offerings include:

    • Pre/AICE Biology
    • Pre/AICE Chemistry
    • AICE Physics
    • AICE Marine Science

    In addition to AICE classes we offer:

    • Honors Marine Biology
    • Honors Physics
    • Honors Anatomy and Human Physiology

    Our teachers work with various local and national organizations to provide the most to our students.  Examples include:

    • FPL and AT&T grants to secure the highest quality educational experience for our students
    • Work with Discovery Education, Rookery Bay, and the Conservancy of SW Florida
    • Correspondence with real NASA astronauts and a trip to Cape Canaveral
    • STEM applications in every classroom

    We have some of the most talented and dedicated educators in Collier County.  There is always something new happening in Building 3.  From drones to gardens to a new Engineering Academy, the science department and its students are the future of Golden Gate.    

  • Science Techbook  

    "It has been exciting to watch our teachers and students use Science Techbook™ in their classrooms…the change that is taking place not only brings a powerful digital resource into the classroom, but embraces a method of teaching that allows our teachers to become facilitators of knowledge."   -Curt Witthoff  CCPS Science Coordinator 

    Science Techbook
  • iSTEM