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Angel Login Instructions

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  1. Open an ANGEL supported Web Browser
  2. Go to the web address: http://angel.collierschools.com
  3. In the Log On box, enter your Username and password.

    Students and Teachers - use your regular username an password, the one you use to log into the computers at school.

    Parents - apply for Parent Access Account and use username and password provided.

  4. Click the 'Log On' button
  5. Once logged on you should be on the ANGEL Home page.
  6. The ANGEL courses for which you are a member should appear on this page. Community Groups and Learning Object Repositories (teachers only) will also be accessible from the Home page.
  7. Click the course title link to enter your course.
  8. To log out, click the 3rd button on the left navigation bar. It is the Power button.

Click here for a brochure on Getting Started with ANGEL