H1N1 Swine Flu Information
This page was last updated 11-2-09

Parents - Remember that your child may receive the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine by injection or nasal spray depending on your choice on the Parent Consent Form. Please prepare them accordingly. Watching these videos may help as you do that.

Florida Flu Information Line (1-877-352-3581)
An automated help line that can answer general questions about H1N1. Available in English, Spanish and Creole. Callers have the option to speak with an operator from 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week.
H1N1 Flu Shot Vaccine Information: English - Spanish - Creole
H1N1 Nasal Spray Vaccine Information: English - Spanish - Creole
Parent Consent Form for H1N1 Vaccine: English - Spanish - Creole
Collier County Medical Society H1N1 Vaccine Information:
English - Spanish - Creole
Collier County Health Department's H1N1 Website
October 2009 Vaccine Information Parent Letter from Dr. Thompson:
English - Spanish - Creole
HIPPA - Notice of Privacy Practices: English - Spanish - Creole
Caring for Flu or Flu-like Symptoms at Home:
English - Spanish - Creole
Get Ready Now Pandemic Flu:
English - Spanish
Talking with your Children:
Questions & Answers:
English - Spanish - Creole
August 2009 Letter to Parents:
English - Spanish - Creole

For additional health and flu resources, visit the Parents Health Page