Zoning and School Choice Information

If you have questions about zoning, please call the Office of Student Relations at (239) 377-0540 to verify which schools you are zoned for. You may also want to view the list of Collier County Public Schools.

To submit an application for Out-of-Zone, School Choice or McKay, parents will be required to log into the CCPS Portal.  An existing parent ID and password can be used or if an account has not been established, please go to https://portal.collierschools.com to create an account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know which school(s) my child(ren) is zoned for?
Please visit the School Boundaries page.

What is the difference between School Choice and Out-of-Zone?
School Choice does not require any specific reason to apply. Out-of-Zone requires a reason, according to District Policy. Click below to view more information on District Policies.

Out-of-Zone Policy
School Choice Policy

What is School Choice?
Per Board Policy 5120.01, School Choice provides the parents/guardians the opportunity to choose a school other than the school to which their students are zoned. Reasons are unnecessary when applying for School Choice. Approvals are based on space availability.

What is Out-of-Zone?
Per Board Policy 5120, the assignment of a child to a school (not to include an exceptional student program assignment) in a geographic area other than the school normally designated, is referred to as an "Out-of-Zone" school assignment. Out-of-Zone assignments are based on a need, such as after-school care, work schedules, high school attendance at a specific career academy, or hardship. Parents submitting an out-of-zone application must provide supporting documentation.

What is the deadline to apply for School Choice?
The priority application period for School Choice begins on January 1 and ends January 31 of each year. You can apply for School Choice through June 30, however you will only be given priority consideration between January 1 and January 31st.

What is the deadline to apply for Out-of-Zone?
There is a priority application period for Out-of-Zone each year. It is generally December 15 through January 15. After the priority application period you may still apply, but you will not have priority on the space that may be available in that school.

My child is already on a Choice or Out-of-Zone assignment. Do I need to complete a Choice or Out-of-Zone application to continue the placement?
Yes. Parents or guardians must reapply annually for both School Choice and Out-of-Zone.

Will transportation be provided to students assigned to the School Choice or Out-of-Zone procedures?
No. Parents exercising School Choice & Out-of-Zone under this policy must provide transportation to and from any school other than that to which the student is regularly assigned.

How does the School District decide who is assigned through School Choice?
Students are approved for their school of choice as long as there is space available in the school requested. Where choices are limited due to space availability, a lottery shall be conducted to all Choice applicants received during the month of January having the same priority.

How will parents be notified of the action on their Choice/Zone applications?
Please be advised that notification regarding Out-of-Zone/School Choice/McKay requests will be sent via email to the email address provided when the application was submitted.  Notification will be sent throughout the summer.  For specific questions, please direct e-mails to: zoninginfo@collierschools.com.