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    Laws of Life Finalists

    Congratulations to all of the Laws of Life finalists that were recently announced! 


    The speech judging took place at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Administrative Center with 10 Blue Ribbon Judges from the community who have participated in this process since it began almost two decades ago. All children in the semi-finals are to be commended and recognized for their efforts in this year’s contest, and we look forward to seeing many of these young faces in future years of this competition.


    The following list of names reflect the four finalists in each division of the competition in alphabetical order. The top 16 finalists (four finalists in four divisions) will be invited to attend a banquet at the Naples Hilton on Thursday, February 23.



    Student Name

    Teacher Name


    Elementary School

    Alexander Kuenzle

    Mrs. Gry (Dawn) Jones

    Lake Park Elementary

    Elementary School

    Brad Malick-Beltran

    Mrs. Segal White

    Pelican Marsh Elementary

    Elementary School

    Katherine McLendon

    Mrs. Cliff

    Sea Gate Elementary

    Elementary School

    Molly Vickaryous

    Mrs. Marilyn McLaughlin

    Calusa Park Elementary

    Middle School

    Victoria Casella

    Mrs. Beth Tenbarge

    St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School

    Middle School

    Sarah Ogden

    Ms. Tricia Ray

    Pine Ridge Middle School

    Middle School

    Ellie Poling

    Ms. Jerra Mining

    Marco Island Charter Middle School

    Middle School

    Dominic Young

    Ms. Jennifer Price

    Oakridge Middle School

    High School 9-10

    Madison Hopkins

    Ms. Whitney Gaskell

    Lely High School

    High School 9-10

    Faith Hundley

    Mrs. Lynn Anthony

    Gulf Coast High School

    High School 9-10

    Andrea Madariaga

    Ms. Adi Lax

    Seacrest Country Day School

    High School 9-10

    Lia Okenkova

    Ms. Annette Hall

    Lely High School

    High School 11-12

    Hannah Justus

    Mr. Cody Seevers

    Naples High School

    High School 11-12

    Andrah Stansbury-Mendoza

    Mr. Keith Scalia

    Marco Island Academy

    High School 11-12

    Nora Vedder

    Mr. Richard McCarthy

    Barron Collier High School

    High School 11-12

    Kaitlin Yonge

    Mr. Richard McCarthy

    Barron Collier High School