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    Collier Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winners Announced

    The results are in from the collier regional science and engineering fair… over 120 students competed this year and 37 received awards. 13 projects were named best in show and will move on to the Florida state science fair and stem competition in March. Congratulations to all students who competed.


    Congratulations the following student winners:

    Melanie   Aristizabal
    Adam   Bracci
    Connor   Bricco
    Kristianna   Broadnax
    Rhode   Calixte
    Lazaro    Castano
    Sela   Chamberlin
    James   Clubley
    Nicholas   Costantini
    Jesus   Cruz
    Alexander   D'Arco
    Autumn   Eckerd
    Mark   Edwards
    Micah   Evans
    Hector   Fernandez
    Isabella   Fernandez
    Ethan   Fischer
    Hannah   Folely
    Molly   Foley
    Alice   Fowle
    Anabella Maria   Galang
    Coleman   Gerber
    Raegan    Heffelfinger
    Cameron   Hochman
    Amanda   Jackson
    Karl   Jenas
    William   Kalvin
    Johnathan   Konopik
    Havana   Layton
    Karina   Lopez
    Madeline   Mair
    Joey   Olmstead
    Anna   Sass
    Ayden   Scott
    Sydney   Shaw
    Alexia   Shultz
    John   Spinelli
    Tyler   Stamerro
    Gabriel   Velez