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AdvancED District Accreditation

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February 24, 2017

Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is proud to announce that our school district has been recommended for full accreditation!

This week, CCPS welcomed a team from AdvancED, an international agency accrediting over 34,000 schools and school systems. Prior to their visit, they were provided with 35,000 documents, 10,000 artifacts, and 32,000 stakeholder surveys. The team of 10 evaluators (five from Florida and five from outside the state) conducted their on-site External Review, providing us with additional lenses to see our school system.

During the External Review, AdvancED selected 18 schools / 128 classrooms to visit. The team interviewed a total of 382 stakeholders, consisting of:

  • 1 Superintendent
  • 5 Board Members
  • 115 Administrators
  • 25 Teachers
  • 36 Support Staff
  • 94 Parents, Community Members, and Business Partners
  • 106 Students

The AdvancED External Review results in an Index of Educational Quality rating, a listing of powerful practices, as well as opportunities for improvement, which are listed below. Furthermore, the team was excited to share overall findings they felt particularly impressive, including:

  • A sense of “finding a way to make it work” at all levels of the school system
  • Openness and a tremendous sense of pride in our schools
  • Dedication and pride in the work being done by our staff
  • A focus in making all work student-centered
  • Equity with differentiated support for each student’s needs
  • Communication efforts that are effective and strategic


  CCPS Rating AdvancED Network Average Rating
OVERALL SCORE 329.51 278.34
Teaching and Learning Impact 326.19 268.94
Leadership Capacity 315.83 292.64
Resource Utilization 358.75 283.86


    • Dr. Edlow Barker (AdvancED Lead Evaluator)
      • “These are superior grades.”
      • “You (CCPS) have blown the lid off the acceptable range.”
      • “I would feel very comfortable with any of my five grandchildren in CCPS schools.”
      • "Other people can learn a lot from Collier schools."

  • Superintendent, Dr. Elisabeth Davis (AdvancED Team Member)
    • CCPS is a "model school district."
    • "These are by far the highest overall scores I've ever seen. They exceeded the average for every single indicator."
    • "If my school district came close to this I would be ecstatic."


  • The Collier County Public Schools superintendent and leadership teams foster a highly effective culture consistent with the system’s purpose and direction.
  • System and school staff employ a wide-range of electronic, print, and in-person communication strategies to effectively engage stakeholders in support of the system’s purpose and direction.
  • Collier County Public Schools demonstrates outstanding resource management and makes wise and effective use of public and private funds to address the learning and developmental needs of children.


  • Develop and implement a continuous program of professional development for teachers that is aligned with the district’s practice of data dialogues.
  • Enhance the system’s programs that enable parents to provide academic support for their children.

(Progress must be reported back to AdvancED within two years)

  • Develop a structure for quality implementation of school board professional development based on the system’s core values, strategic plan, and current CCPS board policy.

We will receive a detailed report from AdvancED in 30 days. The AdvancED team’s information will further the district’s process of continuous improvement. I want to sincerely thank our students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community members for making Collier County Public Schools an exemplary school district. We are #CCPSProud!

Kamela Patton, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Collier County Public Schools

(239) 377-0001
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School Board
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Dr. Kamela Patton