• The vision for the “Centennial Public High School Student Art Contest” is to celebrate Collier County’s 100th Anniversary and to showcase artwork that highlights Collier County. 

    • Camryn Hill, 10th grade, Aubrey Rogers-District Recognition
    • Xander Zdanowicz, 11th grade, Barron Collier-District Recognition
    • Makela Ruiz-Rossi, 10th grade, Gulf Coast-District Recognition
    • Alyson Aguilar-Sanchez, 9th grade, Naples-District Recognition
    • Joe Huang, 9th grade, Aubrey Rogers-Honorable Mention
    • Rebecca DeNicola, 9th grade, Barron Collier-District Recognition
    • Kea Shindle, 12th grade, Barron Collier-Honorable Mention
    • Ray Rosenblum, 10th grade, Barron Collier-Honorable Mention
    • Ornella Rondon, 12th grade, Gulf Coast-Honorable Mention
    • Ava Potter, 9th grade, Everglades City-Honorable Mention
    • Kelly Smallwood, 11th grade, Everglades City-Honorable Mention
    • Sara Avila, 12th grade, Gulf Coast-Honorable Mention
    • Yoselyn Montano-Salinas, 11th grade, Golden Gate-Honorable Mention
    • Noah Sabin, 11th grade, Gulf Coast-Honorable Mention
    • Allie Sims, 12th grade, Naples High-Honorable Mention
    • Nagi Saintyl, 10th grade, Immokalee-Honorable Mention
    • Lucas Smith, 12th grade, Palmetto Ridge-Honorable Mention
    • Liliana Martinez, 9th grade, Lely-Honorable Mention
    • Abigail Bellot, 12th grade, Palmetto Ridge-Honorable Mention
    • Avi Bosa, 12th grade, Lorenzo Walker-Honorable Mention
    • Madyson Ryba, 12th grade, Naples-WINNER
    • Emanuel Zanbrano, 12th grade, Palmetto Ridge-WINNER
    • Christopher Epperson, 11th grade, Lely-WINNER
    • Angel Aguillar-Calmo, 12th grade, Immokalee-WINNER and GRAND PRIZE WINNER
    • Cynthia Hidalgo, 12th grade, Golden Gate-WINNER
    • Kassidy Sullivan, 10th grade, Gulf Coast-WINNER
    • Essouira Harris, 9th grade, Everglades City-WINNER
    • Juliette Desrosiers, 10th grade, Aubrey Rogers-WINNER
    • Isabell Grisson, 12th grade, Barron Collier-WINNER
    • Ivana Chavez, 11th grade, Immokalee-District Recognition
    • Yara Nassar, 11th grade, Palmetto Ridge-District Recognition
    • Sofia Arredondo, 12th grade-Golden Gate-District Recognition
    • Yoeily Perez, 12th grade, Lely-District Recognition

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  • The Collier County Public Schools are committed to providing high quality educational experiences enabling all students to achieve their maximum potential in a safe, positive environment, which includes a robust arts education. 

    The Fine Arts Department's mission is to provide a comprehensive instructional program for students in grades K through 12 in art and music that reflects the National Standards for Arts Education, the Florida Standards, and provides a lifelong foundation for the understanding and appreciation of all the arts. We believe the arts are a vital component to the development of all students, and our goal is to provide an education that offers skills, stimulates thinking and enables students to thrive in a changing world.

    Why the arts? In studying the arts, we are studying the expressions of civilization and culture. Through the arts, one connects to the past and to the current cultures of one’s own society and to those of others. In addition, the arts expand our creativity and encourage us to explore different solutions to problems.