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  • TECHNOLOGY: "Amplifying Your Student Voice"
    STEP 1:  Click play on the video box below to view a demonstration and learn about a fun TECHNOLOGY concept!
    STEP 2:  Explore the project(s) below the video box, as well as additional resources to the right of the page.
    STEP 3:  When ready, scroll down to bottom of page or use navigation bar at top to explore another STEAM session.
    STEP 4:  Join us on Facebook at 11:30am for a LIVE session with Steve Spangler to close our STEAM Expo.
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    BEYOND TODAY! All sessions will continue to be accessible beyond today's STEAM Expo launch! Chart your own path and feel free to come back to activities you would like to explore further.

  • "Amplifying Your Student Voice"
    You found us, “Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease.” Discover a few of the latest Wonders of Science and more with our Wonderopolis Flipgrid project. Natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in all learners. The excitement of learning that comes from curiosity and wonder are undeniable. We invite you to explore your curiosity and share your discoveries with our Flipgrid project below.



    • Device with camera (laptop, desktop, iPad, smartphone)
    • You!
    • Creativity!

    DIRECTIONS (click here for a step-by-step video)

    1. Click here to go to the Grid

    2. Then, click on the "Join with Microsoft" link
      • Username: [insert student id]@collierschools.com (example: 123456@collierschools.com)
      • Password:  Your student password

    3. Under the STEAM Expo header, click on the blue "View 11 Topics" link
      • Scroll through the different topics and choose the topic you are most interested in exploring

    4. Once you have chosen a topic, watch the video and make sure to click on the "Wonder of the Day" icon to access the Wonderopolis website. Review all the resources available

    5. Now that you have all the information in your Wonder, click back to the Flipgrid tab and press the red "Record a Response" button

    6. Use the Flipgrid features described in the video above and let your creativity shine in your response video
  • Technology
  • TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES? If you are having technical difficulties watching or interacting with the STEAM Expo, please try refreshing your browser (F5 on keyboard) or try using another browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). 


    Click on each session below to access fun STEAM activities! Each will feature a video demonstration, project instructions, and additional resources.
    Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics

    Click on each Mindful Movement Moment below to access fun and healthy fitness activities! Each will feature several videos for you to follow along with, as well as additional resources. 
    Drumbeat Fit Breathe and Stretch

    Click on the Pre-K session below for a demonstration of a fun activity you can do with your Pre-K student. You will also find additional resources and activities.