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  • About eCollier Academy

    As a part of the A-rated Collier County Public Schools, eCollier Academy serves students from grades Kindergarten through 12. Free enrollment features local instruction and support — based on the high-performing tradition of CCPS — while offering students innovative education in a format that best fits their needs.

    Founded in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, eCollier Academy offers a flexible instructional model through a diverse and rich educational experience.

    Dr. Denise Lindheim was selected to be the first principal of eCollier Academy. Through collaborative outreach, our locally based faculty and staff at eCollier Academy work diligently to foster the connection between eCollier and the families we serve. 

    Free Enrollment, Free Student Laptop Provided ... Ready to enroll? 

    Why Choose eCollier Academy?

    • Learning pathways personalized to fit student and family needs
      • Flexible instructional model offered
      • Follows high-performing model of Collier County Public Schools’ teaching and learning
    • Instruction and support from Collier County teachers and staff
    • Enrollment in eCollier Academy keeps education funding in Collier County
    • Dedicated school principal focused on helping eCollier students succeed
    • We assist new students and their families during and after the transition to eCollier Academy
    • Through collaborative outreach, we work diligently to foster the connection between eCollier and the families we serve.


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A Message from Secondary Principal Dr. Denise Lindheim

  • Lindheim, Denise "It is both an honor and privilege to lead Collier County Public School District’s first eLearning academy. Working together with our community of learners, we have created a new tradition in educational excellence for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Our collaborative goal encompasses teachers, students, administrators, counselors, family learning support staff, and family learning coaches to exceed expectations in the eLearning platform. Our students and their families embrace an educational journey of individualized learning, self-ownership, and motivation, together with Collier County’s exceptional highly qualified teachers and support staff. My accessibility as principal is essential to the academic and social emotional learning success of every student enrolled in eCollier Academy. Please feel free to contact me at any time, as we build our collective community of full-time eLearners. Visit our website for detailed information on how to enroll and become a member of our eCollier Academy family."

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A Message from Elementary Principal Jessica Campbell

  • School Principal" Welcome to eCollier Academy where we offer flexible solutions for remote learning. I am excited about the opportunity to be the K-5 principal of an eLearning school with dedicated students, parents, and staff. We will present students with high-quality instruction to become digital leaders, successful scholars, and global citizens. We are committed to delivering engaging, differentiated, and rigorous instruction as we strive for academic excellence. Academic excellence comes from strong partnerships between students, parents, educators, and the community. Our dedicated staff will work closely with families to ensure that each student is reaching his or her full potential. At eCollier Academy we will provide opportunities for families to be involved with their child’s education, as parent involvement continues to be a key aspect to a child’s academic success. We encourage you to be actively involved in your child’s education and we look forward to working with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the academic progress of your child. Stay connected to eCA by checking our website for updates, follow us on Twitter @eCollierAcademy, and like us on Facebook. It is my pleasure to serve as the principal at eLearning Academy where we will “Reach for the Stars” daily."

Grades (K-5) Program

  • Students develop literacy and learning habits during elementary school. A key growth point for students is when they advance from learning to read to reading to learn, so it is essential for young students to receive the instruction, guidance, and support they need to close early gaps and master foundational skills in reading, math, and learning in general. eCollier Academy curriculum and learning solutions help students build foundational learning skills and habits and achieve success. Cambridge Primary programming is available at eCA and students engage in all of the related arts courses: Art, Music, Instructional Resource (IR), and Physical Education (PE).  Reach for the Stars at eCA!


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Grades (K-5) Program School Supply List

Grades (6-8) Program

  • Middle school students will have one assigned teacher per course. Students will complete self-paced lessons and have the option to attend live chats with teachers at pre-determined times. Students must be enrolled in seven courses which coincide with courses that are grade-level appropriate based on the CCPS Student Progression Plan.

    Students are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours per week of virtual learning.  This model allows students the flexibility to complete the lessons and assignments outside of the traditional bell times for their particular grade level. 

    Core Courses (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Electives

    • 4 to 6 hours per course weekly
    • 2 to 4 assignments per course per week

    Parent Engagement

    • It is recommended that parents partner with the teacher as a learning coach or guide – this is an average commitment of up to 2 hours per day, depending on the student. Parents can support learning by assisting with the following:
      • Monitor student daily
      • Maintain weekly progress
      • Ensure content mastery
      • Help with course navigation

    All eCollier Academy students are to maintain the CCPS weekly pacing guide requirements per course and grade level. Teachers will provide guidance on pacing to parents.

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Grades (6-8) Program School Supply List

Grades (9-12) Program

  • eCollier Academy, part of the CCPS tradition of excellence as an A-rated school district, is a full-time virtual learning option with local Collier County Public Schools teachers. The eCollier Academy, led by Dr. Denise Lindheim, Principal, is a K-12 school within CCPS that offers a full complement of courses, school counseling support, and flexibility on the preferred model of delivery. Students and families will engage in a flexible schedule/asynchronous model. Advanced studies courses are available as well as a variety of electives.  Students selecting the flexible schedule may engage in co-curricular courses, such as band, at their zoned schools.  Reach for the Stars at eCA!   


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    eCA Frequently Asked Questions


    • Is Cambridge programming offered at eCA?
      Yes, Cambridge Primary is available at the elementary level and Cambridge Secondary courses are offered at the middle school level. In high school, students may engage in advanced courses.

    • Can students take class part-time at their home school and eCollier Academy? 
      eCA is a full-time offering at this time. We look forward to offering enrichment courses in the near future.

    • If a high school student meets the criteria to qualify for Dual Enrollment, may also take Dual Enrollment courses through FSW? 
      Yes, absolutely, students may participate in dual enrollment courses as a student at eCA.

    • Do we have to follow the set schedule or we do have freedom to create our own as needed? 
      Using our exclusive Flexible Model, you can create your own weekly schedule. You will need to maintain the weekly pacing guide which will be provided by the teacher.

    • If current circumstances take a turn for better in the coming months, does student have option of attending campus again?
      Yes, although CCPS recommends students transition to another option (eCA or on campus) at a natural point such as the semester. This helps the student with continuity in learning.

    • How will FSA testing in the Fall and Spring be handled? 
      Students will report to a designated school site to take the FSA and EOC with their eCA teacher(s).

    • Will the curriculum through eCollier be the same as if she were in brick and mortar? 
      Yes, eCA will utilize CCPS curriculum, pacing, resources and the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

    • My child is both Cambridge and Gifted. Will she be assigned a Gifted and Cambridge trained teacher within eCollier Academy and will her Education Plan for gifted continue to be monitored and updated as we go through the school year?
      Yes, all of the services provided on school campuses are available at eCA, including Cambridge programming.

    • We were asked to provide our option of choice to CCPS by July 27. If we select eCA, do we still need to complete the registration process?
      If your child is a current student in a CCPS school, you will be contacted regarding next steps for enrollment. There is no need to complete the centralized registration process.

    • How will related arts subjects like PE and especially music be managed since they do not have access to the equipment/instruments? 
      PE will have exercises and healthy activities that student will complete as part of an established curriculum. Materials and/or virtual resources will be provided for courses such as art and music.

    • Will my child still be able to earn a high school diploma and are the graduation requirements the same as all other high schools in CCPS? 
      Yes, the graduation requirements are the same requirements as our other public high schools in the state of Florida and students will be eligible to graduate from eCollier Academy.

    • How are the flexible options delivered? 
      Pre-recorded skills and concepts with multiple examples and independent practice. Teachers will also have live weekly academic meetings with each student. Additional academic support will be available as needed.

    • Is the instruction going to be through the Canvas portal? 
      Yes, eCA will use the Canvas Learning Management

    • Would my child be able to take all of the planned classes, which include: AP English Literature, AP Capstone, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Government, Honors or AP Econ, Genetics, and Business Ownership? 
      Yes, eCA offers high school students seven classes a day. Your child can select his seven classes with some courses based on eligibility. Students that qualify may also take Dual Enrollment classes.

    • If all of my child’s classes are not offered through eCollier Academy, could my child take some through eCollier Academy and the remainder through FLVS?
      eCA will offer a full complement of courses just as would be available on campus. For unique scheduling needs, eCA will consult individually with the student and parents.

    • What happens if my child begins in-school learning in fall and then we think it is unsafe? Can my child transition to eCollier Academy?
      Yes, there is flexibility for students and families to transition between instructional models during Semester breaks.

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