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  • "Soundwave Art"
    The human ear perceives sound by absorbing soundwaves created through vibrations in the air. These waves have certain characteristics, depending on the pitch, tone and timbre, length, and volume of the sound. Each sound can be graphed into a picture through the use of a spectrometer, which creates a spectrogram image. This project allows you to see the beautiful images created using different sounds, using an online spectrogram. From there, you can create your own sound recordings, duplicate the image, and produce artwork using your original sounds!



    1. Visit spectrogram.sciencemusic.org

    2. Click on the microphone icon toward the top left of the Spectrogram screen to turn on the microphone

      • Example of microphone icon ON  Mic icon on

      • Example of microphone icon OFF  Mic icon off

    3. Begin experimenting with different sounds!

    4. Screenshot/capture an image you would like to save for your Soudnwave Art!

    Some questions to consider while experimenting!

    • What other sounds could you experiment with on your own?

    • How do different instruments or objects in your home appear on the spectrogram?

    • How does your human voice differ from other instruments or objects on the spectrogram?

    • What sounds produce the greatest variation in color and spectrogram images?

    Share your Soundwave Art with us on social media! Remember to #CCPSSTEAM and tag @collierschools.

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