Parkside Elementary Dress Code

  • All students in grades k-5 must follow the PSE dress code everyday: 

    • All students must wear a collared polo-style shirt in a solid color.  All shirts must be long enough to cover the student's midriff. Shirts must not be striped, patterned or have pictures/logos on them.

    • Any shirt worn under a polo type shirt must be white. 

    • Khaki pants, shorts or skirts must be worn. Jeans, jeggings or joggers in any color, including tan or khaki, are not allowed. 

    • Leggings and tights may not be worn. 

    • Socks must be crew length or shorter. White or black socks only, no knee high socks are permitted. 

    • Sneakers or tennis shoes are the only approved shoes to be worn during the school day. No boots or open-toed shoes permitted. 

    • Outer wear must be solid color only with no logos, printing or graphics.

    • Hats, beanies, buffs and other headgear are permitted only on special approved days. Bandanas are never permitted. 

    • Any special days, such as jeans, special t-shirts, free dress day, hats or costumes will be announced in advance with Principal approval.


    Collier County Public School Dress Code addresses general Dress Code expectations on free dress days or at any school related function.