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    Health Insurance

    Retirees may continue the health insurance through Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) indefinitely as long as premiums are current.  Failure to make any premium payment will terminate coverage.  Once terminated, the coverage cannot be reinstated.

    Should a retiree elect to discontinue coverage through CCPS upon becoming eligible for Medicare, his or her spouse may continue coverage under this plan by payment of the full premium cost for a single retiree until such time as he or she is eligible for Medicare or is eligible for coverage under another plan. Such spouse may not continue coverage through CCPS if the retiree elects to discontinue his or her own coverage for any reason other than Medicare eligibility. Spouses of deceased retirees, who have been covered through CCPS as dependents, may also continue their coverage until eligible for Medicare.


    Social Security and Medicare

    Social Security and Medicare contributions are automatically deducted from your salary and matched by the employer. To help you plan for retirement, it is recommended that you review your Social Security Statement each year for an estimate of your future benefit. You may review your Social Security Statement online at https://secure.ssa.gov/RIL/SiView.do.

    To obtain more information on Social Security or Medicare benefits, contact Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213 or visit their website at www.ssa.gov or visit your local office.

    Medicare eligibility begins at age 65. Even if you do not retire at age 65, it is recommended that you contact Social Security three (3) months before your 65th birthday to enroll in Medicare.


    Medicare Meetings 

    If you're interested in learning more about Medicare, Medicare gap coverage and Part D coverage, attend an informative insurance presentation.

    Topics covered:
    • Low Cost Health Insurance alternatives
    • Transition into Medicare, Medicare A and B gaps, Comparison of Medicare Plans (Traditional vs. Medicare Advantage) and Part "D" Rx
    • How to use your FRS Health Insurance Subsidy Tax-Free
    • Affordable Care Act options for the younger (40-64) retirees & their family plus the Transition into Medicare for all retirees and spouses (65+) including those who are covered under the CCPS medical plan
    • This is an educational class to give you a quick understanding of the benefits and savings available to you. Both the Affordable Care Act and Group Medicare Supplements are Guaranteed Issue (no health questions).
    Dates: TBD - Please check back for future dates or check the iBriefings (current employees)


    BENCOR Special Pay Plan

    The BENCOR Special Pay Plan is a retirement program consisting of two parts, the first part satisfying the requirements under Section 401(a) of the federal tax law. The second part following the requirements under Section 403(b). Together, these are offered by BENCOR, Inc. as one plan to help save up to 7.65% Social Security and Medicare taxes on certain forms of “special pay” contributed to the plan. Contributions to the plan consist of accumulated unused sick and vacation leave. The plan is mandatory for all separating employees who have accumulated at least $1,000 of “special pay”.

    To obtain more information on the BENCOR National Plan, you may contact BENCOR, Inc. at 239- 689-3554, 888-258-3422 or visit www.bencorplans.com.


    Retirement Recognition

    In appreciation for the years of service with Collier County Public Schools, retirees will receive an invitation to attend a School Board Meeting where your retirement will be recognized.



    Contact Information

    When you are ready to retire, or if you have questions about retirement, please contact the Benefits Specialist for your work location.

    Elementary, Maintenance, and Transportation staff 
    Teresa Cowley
    Secondary and Administrative staff
    Jenna Sims