• Please drop off and pick up students on the west side (front) of the building according to established school procedures. No cars are allowed in the north bus loop/parking area during morning and afternoon pick-up. Parking on the north side of the building is limited to staff members only. For the safety of our students and staff, please do not use cell phones while in the car rider line.


    Morning car line is single file in the lane closest to the sidewalk. Please pull forward as far as possible to allow for other cars to unload. If you are coming onto the campus for any reason, please park your vehicle and wait to be waved across the designated crosswalk by the crossing guard. Please sign into the office as a visitor or volunteer.


    A double line of cars is used to facilitate the dismissal process. Parents must remain in their car in the car rider line or they will be asked to come into the office to sign out their child. Parents of car riders will be provided with a sign that must be displayed in the vehicle’s right windshield. Included on the sign are first/last names and grade levels of their children written on it. All parents must display a PME sign in their vehicle or will be required to show identification and sign out students in the office. Students will be called to the flag nearest their car and dismissed to cars by the staff in charge once all cars have come to a complete stop. Once all cars in the front of the line are loaded, the process is repeated. Please do not leave your car to pick up your child. This procedure allows staff to better monitor the security of all students.
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