Birthdays & Classroom Celebrations at School

  • Birthdays

    Birthday celebrations are special for all students, and each classroom teacher acknowledges a student’s birthday in various ways. In all cases, children are recognized on their special day. If you wish to send in an item for your child’s birthday, you may send in a non-food item that will be distributed at the end of the school day. Suggested items include: a colorful pencil, eraser top, stickers, bookmarks, or small novelty item. Food items sent or brought in by parents/guardians will not be allowed and will be returned with your child. Distributing party invitations at school will only be permitted if there is an invitation for all students in the classroom, or all girls, or all boys.
  • Classroom Celebrations

    Collier County School District’s Wellness Policy 8510 guides our four yearly classroom celebrations, which are: Fall Festival, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and End of Year Celebration. Parents wishing to provide holiday party food/drink are asked to coordinate with the classroom teacher and/or the classroom parent prior to the event. Classrooms that contain students with documented allergies may have additional restrictions regarding the types of foods permitted. The health and safety of all students is our top priority.