Athletic Coaching Certification


    The Florida Department of Education issues two types of Athletic Coaching Certificates, a 3-Year Temporary Certificate and a 5-Year Certificate.  The 3-Year Temporary is issued to give the coach time to complete the requirements for the 5-Year Certificate.  The 3-Year Temporary Certificate is not renewable.

    Who needs it?

    1. Coaches who are paid a coaching supplement, but don’t hold a valid Temporary or Professional Educator Certificate.  This includes cheerleading coaches if their assignment is a competitive sport.
    2. Unpaid volunteer coaches who are employees of the District School Board of Collier County and do not hold a Temporary or Professional Certificate.

    What is required for a 3-Year Temporary Certificate?

     An application for Athletic Coaching Educator Certification must be made online with the Department of Education at https://flcertify.fldoe.org/datamart, prior to starting coaching

    1. A fee of $75.00 must be paid by either VISA or MasterCard.
    2. Fingerprint results that are no older than one year.  
    3. The 3-Year Temporary certificate is non-renewable.

    What is required for a 5-Year Certificate? 

    1. Nine semester hours in athletic coaching to include the areas specified below (For certification requirements and course access information go to Course Information or Coach Education Center):
      • Three (3) semester hours in care and prevention of athletic injures and the dangers of drug use including performance enhancing drugs,
      • Three (3) semester hours in coaching theory,
      •  A course in theory and practice of coaching a specific sport, and
    2. A valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate issued by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.  A CPR certificate or card issued by an entity approved by the Florida Department of Health is also acceptable.
    3. An application for a 5-year certificate made online at https://flcertify.fldoe.org/datamart which includes the fee of $75.00 and verification of the completion of the above-mentioned course: official transcripts, certificate copies, etc.

    The 5-year Athletic Coaching certificate must be renewed every five years by submitting an application and fee.  However, if the course requirements have changed since the last certificate was issued; the applicant must complete the new requirements to be eligible for another 5-Year Certificate.  

     If you have questions, please contact the Certification Office at 377-0363.