• Kids on the Go

    Kids on the Go – Our Kids on the Go (KOTG) morning activity will begin on Tuesday, September 4th for students in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (Kindergarten begins October 1st). Students can participate on the days listed below from 7:45 - 8:20 AM.  For additional information about 95210 Kids on the Go please visit their web page http://www.safehealthychildren.org/95210-kids-on-the-go/

    Mondays and Wednesdays
    7:45-8:20 AM
    Tuesdays & Thursdays
    7:45-8:20 AM
    7:45-8:20 AM
    1st Grade
    2nd Grade
    Kindergarten (will beginning October 1st)
    3rd Grade
    4th Grade
    5th Grade
    All students may attend