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    Give your pets the care they deserve at a price you can afford.


    Pet Benefit Solutions




    For more information and to search for participating veterinarians go to www.petbenefits.com



    Pet Benefit Solutions offers two great products:

    Pet Assure & PETplus 

    Pet Assure & PETplus Informational Brochure




    Veterinary Discount Plan

    • Save on all in-house medical services at partcipiating veterinarians.
    • Receive instant 25% discount every time you visit the vet.
    • All pets are eligible.
    • No exclusions on breed, age, or pre-existing or hereditary conditions.



    Prescription Savings Plan

    • Save on brand-name prescriptions.
    • All dogs and cats are eligible.
    • Save on flea and tick products, dietary foods, and heartworm preventatives.
    • Most prescriptions are available for pick-up at Caremark pharmacies (CVS, Target, and Walmart) or shop online or on the PETplus app (shipping is free).




     Pet Assure Single Pet


     Pet Assure Unlimited Pets  


     Pet Plus Single Pet (Dog & Cat only) 


     Pet Plus Unlimited Pets (Dog & Cat only)