Gulf Coast High School Advisory Council


    SAC Mini Grant Application                                                                                         



    The purpose of the SAC Mini-Grants is to fund creative and innovative classroom and school projects. Grant projects should enrich standard curriculum and directly enhance learning opportunities for students.            



    Grants may vary in amounts depending on the nature of the project, with $1000 as the maximum amount (with shipping included) to be awarded. Teachers may submit an unlimited number of grant applications, but each application must reflect a different project. Only one project per applicant will be funded per school year. Grant requests will be reviewed on a competitive basis by a committee composed of School Advisory Council members. Requests should be limited to classroom supplies, educational materials and programs or field trip expenses. Grants must be tied to supporting the school improvement goals.



    • Grant projects should show originality and innovation in the classroom, directly involve students as much as possible, and MUST relate to the school improvement goals. This year’s goals are:


    • If students who score in the lower 25 percentile in math are identified and monitored and instruction is targeted to specific student needs, then these students’ gain scores will increase from 47% to 50%.
    • If teachers will recognize student differences by differentiating instruction through content, process, product and/or learning environment then all student needs will be met and achievement on all statewide assessments (Florida State Assessment for English Language Arts, Biology End of Course Exam, US History End of Course Exam, and Math) will increase by 1%.
    • If teachers, administrators, counselors and academic support personnel track and analyze individual student data at least monthly, school wide student achievement on all statewide assessments (Florida State Assessment for FSA English Language Arts, Biology EOC, US History EOC, and Math) will increase by 1%.
    • Any tangible item(s) purchased with the grant money becomes the property of Gulf Coast High School. If a teacher transfers from one school to another within Collier County, the tangible items may go with the teacher at the discretion of the principal. The items may not, however, be taken with the teacher out of the Collier County Public School system.
    • Any shipping costs must be part of the amount requested.
    • An approval or denial notice will be submitted to the teacher after the committee meets. A teacher may be asked to speak to the committee if clarification is needed.
    • Review with department chair and have them initial your request on the application.
    • An itemized budget must be included with the grant proposal
    • A follow up document will be completed to assess the outcomes of the project



    • Any full-time or part-time teacher currently teaching at Gulf Coast High School may apply for grants.



      • The description portion of the application is designed to allow you to use your own word processor/typewriter. Please limit responses to area given.
    • It is not mandatory to use a paragraph format if you can present ideas clearly in bulleted form.
    • Incomplete applications will be returned.


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