Pelican Planters

  • Pelican Planters is a garden program at Pelican Marsh that delivers programming to help PME students and faculty build personal and community practices that are healthy for themselves and for their environment.
    • Sustainability: focuses on practices that reduce our use of non-renewable environmental resources and increase the overall health of the Earth.
    • Wellness: provides students, staff, and caregivers opportunities to lead healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity and healthy eating.
    • Garden: enhances PME curriculum with hands-on life science and ecology experiences that expand students' knowledge of food systems and encourage healthy food choices.

    How Can You Help:

    Volunteers for Pelican Planters:  The Garden Committee as a group, with two individuals per semester taking charge of the program, work together throughout the year to support each other and keep the garden running smoothly. Volunteer responsibilites include;
    • coordinate volunteers to keep the garden in good repair and prepare it for planting each season
    • recruit parent volunteers to teach lessons each season
    • stand in during the semester where volunteers or teachers need help
    • coordinate with teachers in 2nd and 3rd grades to ensure the success of each garden semester
    • prepare all lesson materials for volunteers in advance
    • conduct training
    • carry out various background tasks such as e-mails and supply runs
    Garden committee members do not need to be gardening experts! The program needs volunteers who have enjoyed the garden program, are keen to see it continue at Pelican Marsh, and are good organisers of people and time. They should also be people who enjoy working cooperatively and are willing to support the other members of the committee in whatever way is needed. In fact, you do not need to know anything at all about gardening. All committee members are provided with a step-by-step monthly checklist for what they need to do, as well as information to help them do it. Garden materials are restocked as they are used so no one will come into this without the tools they need to succeed.
    BUT - and this cannot be emphasised enough - our garden is a community project. It takes 3-4 people working together as a team to organise everything and keep it running. Although there has to be one person who acts as chair and reports to the board, the garden is never the responsibility of only one person. Like our plants, the garden committee members complement each other and work together to make our garden grow. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact the PTO Chair listed below.