Stop Watch

  • Stop Watch is a database available to organizations that provide before and after school programs for students in Collier County Public Schools.

    To gain access to Stop Watch a Memorandum of Understanding with Collier County Public Schools regarding access to student data is required.

    Stop Watch offers organizations the ability to view the following information for students who participate:

    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Test Scores
    All Organizations entering into Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the Collier County Public School District must comply with the provisions of the MOU: 
    • Provide details of the Data elements requested and the purpose for which the Data will be used.
    • Disclose all alliances that may view or use the Data.
    • Agree to the time lines as described.
    • Accept full responsibility for the legal and ethical practices relating to the Data provided by the School District.
    • Provide assurance that no organization or affiliate or persons will obtain access to the Data provided by the School district, without prior written approval.
    • Engage in no events, presentation or publication either in hard copy or in electronic format, using the Data in any way, other than what has been identified in the MOU.
    • Comply with all state and federal laws that apply to the sharing of Data (Parties to the MOU who are State agencies or subdivisions of Florida agree to be responsible for the negligent acts or willful omissions of their own designated agents only to the extent allowed by 768.28, Florida Statutes).
    • Maintain the confidentiality of any shared student records as required by Florida and Federal law, and that such records shall be used only for purposes allowed under 1002.22, Florida Statues, and shall be shared only with written parental permission..
    • Each party hereby commits to support the other in its implementation, and each party hereby agrees to work collaboratively with the other to make adjustments, or improvements to this arrangement as may become necessary or desirable.
    For more information or questions please contact James Briggs