Term Life Insurance - The Standard

    The Standard




    Group Basic Term Life and AD&D (District Provided)

    • Provided to all benefit eligible employees at no cost
    • Effective on the 1st contract day
    • Equal to 1x salary or $30,000 minimum, $100,000 maximum
    • Portable


    $20,000 Supplemental Term Life Insurance

    This benefit provides $20,000 of supplemental term life insurance for the employee only. No additional amount of life insurance can be purchased through this option.



    Employee Only


    If an employee was previously eligible to elect this coverage and did not, any elected amount will require medical underwriting approval.


    Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance

    If an employee does not think they have sufficient coverage, the Voluntary Term Life Insurance is provides an opportunity to secure additional protection for their family. Employees can purchase the amount that’s right for them and may be eligible to purchase as much as $500,000 of coverage.



    How do I add or change a beneficiary on my life insurance? 

    If you would like to make changes to your beneficiaries you may do so at any time by logging in to the CCPS Portal.

    Click here for instructions


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