• Professional Learning Opportunities: Students with Disabilities (SWD) MIPs

    Did you attend a professional conference or participant in a webinar related to your current job? Submit the Verification of Professional Conference/Form with the required documentation and you may be eligible to receive MIP points. You may email your documentation to ProfessionalLearning@CollierSchools.com or send to Administration Building c/or Professional Learning Box #100 via the CCPS pony delivery system.

    Online Course Offerings that Count toward SWD Recertification Requirements (iBriefing #11407)


    PDA independent study modules: Go to http://www.fl-pda.org/ on the right side. Click on “Register/Sign-in” to register first, then enroll. The following modules meet the recertification requirement for teaching students with disabilities credit (Renewal Credit in Teaching Students with Disabilities 1012.585, F.S.); inservice points are awarded by the school district. After completing the course and its required activities, print and send PDF copy of your certificate to Sharon Windney at Windes@collierschools.com for processing.

    • Effective Teaching Practices for Students with Disabilities (20 MIPs)
    • Teaching Students with Disabilities (20 MIPs)
    • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (20 MIPs)
    • Inclusive Practices for Developmentally Appropriate Pre-K Classroom (10 MIPs)