• Professional Learning Opportunities: Students with Disabilities (SWD) MIPs

    Pursuant to s.1012.585, F.S., an applicant applying for renewal of a professional certificate must earn a minimum of one (1) semester hour of college credit or the equivalent in teaching SWD must be earned during each validity period to renew a certificate. Twenty (20) inservice points are equivalent to one (1) semester hour of college credit. If a professional learning course exceeds 20 inservice points and meets SWD 8 requirement, the remaining points are bankable for future recertification

    Courses in Gifted Education are not acceptable. American Sign Language course are not acceptable, unless the courses are in teaching American Sign Language to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    Online Course Offerings that Count toward SWD Recertification Requirements (iBriefing #11407)

    Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) is pleased to offer trainings designed to support educators in developing high quality instruction for students with identified disabilities as well as other students experiencing academic and/or behavioral challenges.  Master Inservice Points (MIPs) are awarded upon successful completion of each course. Click here for the Fall 2019 Course Offerings.

    PDA independent study modules: Go to http://www.fl-pda.org/ on the right side. Click on “Register/Sign-in” to register first, then enroll. The following modules meet the recertification requirement for teaching students with disabilities credit (Renewal Credit in Teaching Students with Disabilities 1012.585, F.S.); inservice points are awarded by the school district. After completing the course and its required activities, print and send PDF copy of your certificate to Sharon Windney at Windes@collierschools.com for processing.

    • Effective Teaching Practices for Students with Disabilities (20 MIPs)
    • Teaching Students with Disabilities (20 MIPs)
    • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (20 MIPs)
    • Inclusive Practices for Developmentally Appropriate Pre-K Classroom (10 MIPs)