• 2023 - 2024 ESOL CLASSES

    2024 Summer ESOL CLASSES - Coming Soon!


    2022 - 2023 ESOL CLASSES  


    Below are the courses you need in order to receive a FLORIDA ESOL Endorsement on your teacher certificate, if your schedule permits, it is suggested that ESOL Endorsement Courses are taken in the following sequence.  The Florida state standards suggest this order provides funds of knowledge regarding our English Language Learners.

    1. Cross Cultural Communications

    2. Applied Linguistics

    3. Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

    4. ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development

    5. Assessment (ESOL Testing and Evaluation


    If you have taken ESOL Endorsement Courses and do not know where to find what other ESOL Endorsement Courses you need to complete, please visit your CCPS portal click on the:

    • green arrow (on the left side of the screen)
    • staff, 
    • certifications and scroll down until you come across Inservice Points.
    •  ELL tab and under ESOL Endorsement Courses you will find the ESOL Endorsement Courses you have completed.


    If you need to know what ESOL Courses you must take to have an ESOL Endorsement placed on your Teaching Certificate, please see below: