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    MACO Quiver: Creating an Improved Efficacy Java Cybersecurity Library by Optimizing Application Based Programming Interfaces and Parameterizing Cryptographic Functions of Existing Packages Colin Briggs GCH 11 Mongiello STATE & Grand Prize SR
    PHYS Harnessing Waste Energy using Thermoelectric Generators Sarah Dabees NNM 8 Brosig STATE & Grand Prize JR
    EAEV How Varying Levels of Urbanization Increase or Decrease Carbon Dioxide Levels Alexander Ewy NNM 8 Brosig STATE & FGCU Scholarship
    CHEM Water Fountain Impurities Santiago Hernandez GGM 8 Honiball STATE & FGCU Scholarship
    BMED How Does the Immersion of Beef Liver in Various Water Conditions Affect the Number and Rate of Development of Sarcophaga bullata Larvae Bailey Matthews PRH 10 Oser STATE & FGCU Scholarship
    CHEM Something From Nothing! Lavya Patel OMS 8 Williams STATE & FGCU Scholarship
    CHEM Effect of Using Different Leavening Agents on Cookies Aarohee Dabas OMS 8 Diemert STATE Finalist
    ENMS 3D Printing Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly, Slow Sinking Lipless Crankbaits to Match the Fall Rate of the Market Standard Brad Malick-Beltran BCH 11 Humphrey STATE Finalist
    PHYS Magnetic Coaster Launch Systems Jack Pustizzi OMS 8 Diemert STATE Finalist
    PHYS Battle of the Brands Rocco Sammartino GVM 7 Steele STATE Finalist
    CHEM The difference of pH between several apple cultivars Oliver Schwartz PRM 7 Nichols STATE Finalist
    MACO Maximizing Accuracy in the Prediction of Heart Failure with Neural Networks and Deep Learning Yogesh Seenichamy BCH 11 Humphrey STATE Finalist
    PHYS Harnessing Solar Energy to Make a "S'moretacular" Dessert Melina Parris NNM 6 Zawistowski STATE Finalist
    BMED What's Ruining Your Dessert? Juliana Dalao OMS 8 Diemert 1
    EAEV pH, Soil, Electricity? Luca Fournier GVM 7 Certa 1
    CHEM Which Sunscreen is Most Resilient to UV Rays? Patricia Galindo IMS 8 Fernando 1
    CHEM How do Different Insulators Affect Ice Cream Melting Rates? Zulema Gomez-Chilel IMS 8 Fernando 1
    EAEV Finding New Ways to Prevent Soil Erosion Erin Hanna OMS 8 Diemert 1
    ENMS Evaluating the Effect of the pH of a Solution on the Biodegradability of 3D Printer Filament Jade Malick-Beltran PRM 7 Nichols 1
    BIO How Color Affect Butterflies, Butterflies Everywhere Natalia Rodriguez RPA 8 Rinaldini 1
    CHEM Study of Voltage Generated by Varieties of Fruits and Vegetables with Different pH Levels Arabella Ahammad CSN 7 Staber 2
    EAEV Solar Power! Ankit Biju OMS 7 Wright 2
    BIO SPF is Your BFF Braxton Cabrera OMS 8 Diemert 2
    CHEM How Does PH Affect Corrosion? Sahana Kanda OMS 8 Diemert 2
    CHEM The Amount of Toxic Gases Released from Burning Household Materials Noah Marshall NNM 8 Brosig 2
    BIO How Does Invertase Enzyme Affect Sugar in Different drinks? Rian Suenon-Nestar OMS 8 Williams 2
    PHYS Affects of Paper Planes When Flying Emma Svec GVM 7 Steele 2
    BIO Race to the Top pH Miah Beckman GVM 7 Steele 3
    CHEM Which orange juice has the most Vitamin C Brendan Burns PRM 7 Nichols 3
    CHEM Does the Type of Liquid Affect its Melting Time? Brenda Cruz IMS 7 Grant 3
    EAEV Which Kind of Soap Affects Water the Worst Matteo Dal Lago CSN 7 Staber 3
    CHEM The Chemical Reaction Car D'Angelo Hernandez GVM 6 Steele 3
    BIO Are Rooting Hormones Beneficial? Sophia Schuetz RPA 7 Rinaldini 3
    BIO Effects of Temperature on Semi-Terrestrial Tardigrades Emma Sexton GVM 7 Steele 3

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