“Where’s the Bus” app

      • CCPS is now offering the “Where’s the Bus” app to provide parents and students with timely information about the location of your child’s bus. Using GPS technology, this app will show you and your child how many more miles your bus is from the bus stop.

      • The “Where’s the Bus” app is free to CCPS families whose children ride the bus. The app is available on all devices with internet access (smartphone, tablet, iPod, personal computer, etc.) and takes less than five (5) minutes to install. Brief instructions below.

      • At CCPS, our transportation team is committed to provide with the best service. We hope the “Where’s the Bus” app makes your household’s bus riding experience even more convenient and safe. If you have any questions about “Where’s the Bus”, please email Dan Lammers, Administrative Supervisor-Logistics at lammerda@collierschools.com

      • Follow your child’s bus by signing up for the “Where’s the Bus” app.

        • This app allows you to know if the bus on time or late and it projects how long it is from your stop.
        • Sign up for the “Where’s the Bus” app by clicking the link below.


    • https://www.wheresthebus.com/