• Career Academies

    What are Career Academies?
    Career Academies are rigorous small learning communities within a high school.  They focus on career preparation and go beyond traditional career education to integrate academic and technical curricula, raise student ambitions, increase career options, and provide a meaningful learning context for both college and career bound students. 

    Collier County Public Schools organizes career academies using national standards.  Each program strives to meet the standards set forth by the approving organization. Each school has at least two NAF Academies which can include Engineering, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Health Sciences or Hospitality and Tourism.  Other Collier approved academies include 3D Animation, Construction, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Teacher Education.  Academies vary by school, for a list of the Career Programs and Academies in all high schools refer to the document bottom of this page.

    How do I Enroll in a Career Academy?
    Remember to chose the appropriate class(es) on your course selection sheet and follow all procedures as outlined by your school for enrollment into an academy.  If you have additional questions about the academies in your school or how to enroll into one, please contact the school counselor.

    If you are requesting an academy out of your school zone, you must apply using the out of zone process. You can get information on that process by going to https://www.collierschools.com/zoning which is Zoning and School Choice Information on the district website.  You must carefully follow the process identified with special effort to meet all of the required deadlines.
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