• Debate Club

    Advisor: Dr. Gomez

    Meeting Date/Time: TBD

    Debate Club aims to strengthen public speaking skills, national and international awareness of issues, and effective arguments. Throughout the year, the team competes against other public high schools in the county, with the final debate taking place in late March. CCPS hosts Public Forum debates where each team is introduced to two resolutions and are expected to have 3 members be prepared to argue either pro or con in relation to the resolution. Debate members practice speech-writing, meaningful speaking techniques, cross-fires, and rebuttals in preparation for competitions. If you are interested in joining, listen to the morning announcements in the beginning of the school year for contact information and additional details.

    Lely High School Debate team is very proud to be the reigning champions of the 2018-2019 CCPS Debate Competition. 

    You can view the final debate here.

    debate team