• Gale Professional Learning eBooks

    CCPS employees can access free professional learning eBooks through the CCPS Portal. There are currently over 230 book titles that can be used to support classroom teachers, aspiring leaders, and current administrators.

    How to Access the CCPS Professional Learning eBooks

    1. Clicking on the “CCPS Portal” located on the top bar within the Collier County Public Schools’ website
    2. Click to expand “Subscription Resources” located under Teacher Resources (on the bottom left)
    3. Click on “GALE Professional Learning Library"
    4. If prompted to enter a password, use the password listed next to "GALE Professional Learning Library"
    5. Additional support is also available as a handout for quick viewing/printing. 

    Additional Support & Tutorials

    • Highlights and Notes Use Highlights and Notes to keep track of key concepts and document sections
    • Topic Finder Use the Topic Finder found in many Gale resources to analyze search results and create a unique research topic