CCPSedu Alternative Certification:

    Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP)


    District Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP)
    The Collier County Public Schools CCPSedu Alternative Certification: Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP) philosophy is based on the district’s vision of providing exceptional educational opportunities that motivate and engage each student while preparing them for ongoing learning as well as community and global responsibilities.  The goal of CCPSedu Alternative Certification: PDCP is to offer non-education majors the opportunity to be trained as an educator through a state-approved teacher preparation program that satisfies requirements on a FLDOE “Statement of Eligibility”.  After completion of program requirements, including passing scores on certification examinations for Florida educators, teachers with a temporary certification may seek a professional certificate in Florida.  Candidates are prepared through experiences and coursework, which align with the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs).

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    In order to qualify, candidates must:

    • Be an instructional employee at a traditional CCPS school
    • Hold a temporary teaching certificate from the Florida Department of Education
    • Hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, meet the subject area requirements in a subject area for which a professional certification may be issued or pass the state subject area exam, and be verified for the teaching assignment
    • Commit to completing the district offered CCPSedu Alternative Certification: PDCP within an 18-month timeframe

    CCPSedu Alternative Certification: PDCP is designed to be completed within an 18-month timeframe and is offered free of charge to qualifying candidates.  The program consists of three parts including:

    • Demonstration of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs)
    • Teaching experience under the supervision of a district assigned mentor and school-based support team
    • Participation in professional learning components providing candidates with quality training opportunities

     For more information, contact Mrs. Laura Perry at (239) 377-0028. 


    Additional Pathways to a Professional Certificate for Alternative Certification Teachers

    State-Approved College Educator Preparation Institute (EPI)
    Participants can apply to a State-Approved EPI and complete the requirements set by the institute. Southwest Florida’s local college, Florida Gulf Coast University, offers two state-approved programs, Teacher Immersion Program (TIP) and Teacher Credential Certificate (TCC) as a pathway to a professional certificate.  For a full list of all State-Approved Educator Preparation Institutes, click on the EPI link.

    Teacher-Selected University Coursework to Meet Criteria within FLDOE Statement of Eligibility
    Teachers may also opt to complete required coursework identified on their FLDOE Statement of Eligibility through another accredited institution that has a college of education program. This option requires a minimum of 15 semester hours of education courses as specified in State Board of Education Rule 6A4.006 at an accredited or approved college or university.  


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