High School Health Education

  • High School Comprehensive Health Education 
    In CCPS, students may be enrolled in H.O.P.E. upon promotion to 8th grade through 12th grade in a variety of models.

    Virtual, blended or traditional classroom models are available throughout our district.  Please visit our Collier Virtual Education (CVE) website to access the application for enrolling in HOPE, Personal Fitness or Driver Education courses online with CCPS teachers. 

    CVE Website 

    H.O.P.E., also referred to as Health Orientation through Physical Education course, is the combination of health and physical education over 2 semesters equaling a one credit course. It is operated as a blended classroom and physical activity model. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to prepare students with the needed tools and life skills to keep them healthy, make responsible health choices and enhance their overall health for a lifetime.  It also allows students an opportunity to try approximately 12 different activities to learn basic skills, and develop interest in not only sports, but recreational activities.  Activities may include, but are not limited to: team building games, volleyball, basketball, flag football, badminton, tennis, pickleball, softball, Frisbee games, fitness, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, recreational activities, orienteering, etc.

    HOPE Benchmarks - CPALMS

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    Other Health-related Courses Offered in CCPS:

    First Aid Safety

    Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries