Adjunct Instructors in Public Schools

  • The District may issue an adjunct teaching certificate to any applicant who fulfills the requirements of s. 1012.56 Educator certification requirements ((2) (a)-(f) and (10)) and who has expertise in the subject area to be taught.  An applicant shall be considered to have expertise in the subject area to be taught if the applicant demonstrates sufficient subject area mastery through passage of a subject area test.  A complete list of subject area tests available for an applicant to take and pass in order to demonstrate subject area mastery is available on the Subject Area Examinations section of Florida Department of Education website. 

    A District issued adjunct teaching certificate is valid through the term of the annual contract between the educator and the District. An additional annual certification and an additional annual contract may be awarded by the District at the District’s discretion, but only if the applicant is rated effective or highly effective under s. 1012.34 Personnel evaluation procedures and criteria during each year of teaching under adjunct teaching certification. A school district may issue an adjunct teaching certificate for a part-time or full-time teaching position; however, an adjunct teaching certificate issued for a full-time teaching position is valid for no more than 3 years and is nonrenewable.