• Cap and Gown Purchase

    Click for Official Herf Jones Order PDF

    Seniors! You will be receiving a packet in the mail with this information. We just wanted to send it to you electronically in case you do not receive it in the mail.

    There are many things you CAN buy but the only thing you MUST buy is GradPack H which is the cap, gown and tassel! Do NOT go to a different website to order a black cap and gown. You MUST get the personalized GG gown and the black and gold tassel representing Golden Gate (from Herff Jones).

    With tax, the total for GradPack H (minimum purchase) is $52.50.

    If you buy a different package, you must add the 7% tax to the total.

    Again, you must buy a cap and gown or you will not be allowed to walk in this year's graduation ceremony on May 27th in the Gymnasium at 5:00 pm.