Team Nutrition

Alfaro, Elizabeth Director 377-0295

Aponte, Lucy Meal Applications and Compliance Specialist II 377-0297

Blackmore, Amy Specialist I 377-0288

Chesser, Darlene System Support Technician 377-2554

Deeson, Christy Ordering & Inventory Specialist I 377-0284

Devlin, Jenny Meal Applications and Compliance Specialist II 377-0718

Duncan, Ionda Chef-Admin. Kitchen 377-0282

Ghviniashvili, Irina Field Supervisor/Trainer 377-0285

Hinojosa, Christina Ordering and Inventory Specialist I 377-0287

Johnson, Lori Field Supervisor/Trainer 377-0286

Keller, Jennifer Field Supervisor/Trainer

La Mons, Jessica Supervisor, Menu Planning and Procurement 377-0296

Maleknia, Chris Field Supervisor/Trainer 377-0292

Rivera, Anna Specialist I 377-0294

Sanchez, Sandra Planning & Budget Manager 377-0290

Scattergood, Mary Administrative Supervisor 377-0291

Seiler, Ken Administrative Supervisor 377-0304

Stearn, Zoila Specialist I 377-0289

Taylor, Ron Field Supervisor/Trainer 377-0298

Wannop, Stan Manager of Technology 377-0301

Webster, Tom Manager of Vending 377-0283