Requesting Access

  • Instructional Staff - TCH Access is automatic and not assigned. It is dependent upon adding a teacher to FOCUS. Once a teacher is added to focus and a schedule entered, he/she will be able to access using her current Network Username and Password.   
    Non-Instructional Staff (Administrators and Non-Administrators) - Non-Administrators (i.e. general secretaries, media specialists, nurses, etc.) should consult with the School Administrator or Office Manager to request access.  Administrator access is automatic and does not require the completion of a form.
    1. The Administrator must complete the FOCUS Access Request Form.
    2. Submit the signed form to Rose Elarde (
    3. Once the request is received/approved, user access will be added/updated by Technology.


    All access requests should be sent to Rose Elarde from
    your Administrator/Office Manager. 
    Requests received from a non-administrative staff member or sent
    to anyone other than Rose will be returned.