• Technology Support for Parents and Students


    For students who are not returning to a CCPS school next year and need to return their laptop this summer:

    Parents, please send an email to studentlaptop@collierschools.com with your child's name, student id, and your phone number. We will contact you to arrange a drop off location for your laptop.




    District Hotspot Issue

    No internet connectivity

    If you are having problems setting up your district-issued hotspot, or cannot access the internet, please visit collierschools.com/hotspot for instructions.

    If you have already viewed the video and are still having trouble connecting, please email studentlaptop@collierschools.com or call 239-377-TECH (8324)

    Note: The hotspot will not work with non-CCPS devices.

    Student Laptop Issue 


    Password Issues 


    Username: Your student id (example 123456)

    Password: Your normal school computer login password

    Note: The first time you log in to your computer it must be connected to the internet either at school, home, or another location.

    Forgot password? Please email studentlaptop@collierschools.com or call 239-377-TECH (8324)

    Student Laptop Issue 

    Unable to log into the laptop 

    No Wi-Fi  

    Make sure you have a good WIFI connection at home and you have GP1.collierschools.com connected if that doesn't work please view the video

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, please contact your child's school for a replacement laptop or to schedule an appointment for service by the SST  

    Student Laptop 

    The student laptop has a blue screen or is not booting properly

    Please contact your child's school to schedule an appointment for the SST to service the laptop at the school 

    Student Laptop Issue 

    Lost or stolen laptop 

    If your laptop is lost or stolen, please immediately notify your classroom teacher. If after hours or during a school break, please email studentlaptop@collierschools.com or call 239-377-TECH and provide your student id number and as many details as possible. 

    Student Laptop Issue 

    Application and/or programs are not appearing or working on the student laptop 

    Refresh ZENworks and make sure the laptop is connected to Global Protection (video on how to refresh Zenworks)

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, contact studentlaptop@collierschools.com 

    Student Laptop Issue 

    Keyboard, sound, microphone Issues 




    The course titles don’t appear the same in Canvas as they do in FOCUS 

    If the classes are correct in FOCUS and not in Canvas, please contact canvas@collierschools.com for directions on how to nickname the courses



    How do I submit an image or video using Canvas Studio for an assignment?

    Directions on how to submit and image or video can be found in the video linked below.

    Video link

    Non-Canvas Issues 

    Non-Canvas Issues 



    Sound or microphone issues 


    Printer Issues

    How can I set up a printer on the student laptop?

    Printing on laptops is not supported at this time


    Canvas is not loading in the browser window or the internet is not loading properly

    Reset Chrome browser (watch the video for more information

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, contact studentlaptop@collierschools.com 

    Other Laptop or Technology Issues Other issues not listed above

    During the normal school day:

    • Please notify your classroom or current period teacher
    • If not currently in a class, please talk to your school’s media specialist

    After hours support: