"Grow Your Own" Career Development Programs

  • Instructional Pipelines

    Teach 4 Collier

    Teach 4 Collier is a CCPS Grow Your Own initiative aimed at recruiting career changers, or those with a four-year degree into teaching professionals. This community-based meeting is set-up as a comprehensive review to get a better understanding of the teaching profession.  All community career-changers are encouraged to attend. 

    The program shifts gears into the certification process, covering in depth the process for obtaining teaching certification, as a non-education major. Any person with a four-year degree, is eligible for Florida Teaching Certification in any area, so long as, they have access to their college/university transcripts, applies for certification with the Florida Department of Education, and can pass a subject area examination in the subject of their choosing. In lieu of passing a subject area exam, some with a 4-yr degree may qualify for temporary certification based on their areas of study.

    Grow 2 Teach

    This four part series is designed as a comprehensive review for non-instructional employees to get a better understanding of the teaching profession.  The series will include direct observation of a teacher collaborative planning meeting as well as a classroom observation preferably in the school at which the non-instructional employee works. 

    The goal of the program is to transition non-instructional staff, who are interested, into college degree programs with the intention of graduating from an education program and working in an instructional capacity within CCPS.  Session three within the series involves a local night with representatives from colleges such as FGCU, FSW, and Ave Maria on hand to share the education programs their schools offer.

    Guest 2 Teach

    This program is for guest staff who are interested in obtaining Florida Teaching Certification, and are seeking full-time instructional opportunities.  The goal of the program is to share information on teaching strategies, classroom management development.  This program will involve presentations by the Human Resources and the Professional Learning & Digital Innovations Departments.

    Teaching in the Trades

    Teaching in the Trades is a program that is designed for career changers and existing educators who have an interest in educating students at all levels (both children and adults) about careers in the trades industries.  The goal of the program is to share information about full and part-time teaching opportunities, to educate career changers on the teaching certification process, and how to successfully transition from the “real-world” to the world of trades-education.


    Non-Instructional Pipelines

    Special Education Assistant

    To recruit and retain highly qualified Special Education teachers, CCPS is developing a Special Education Assistant career development pipeline to build pathways from novice Special Education professional to strong teacher leader within Special Education. ESE Assistants are often encouraged by their building administrator to pursue certification due to their significant instructional experience, knowledge of the district, and interest in becoming a licensed teacher. In addition, Special Education Assistants are more likely to match the racial and linguistic diversity of the K–12 student population.

    Program Your Career



    Workforce Pipelines

    Transport 4 Collier

    Transport 4 Collier is a 5-week training course that includes a classroom component and behind-the-wheel training requirement for non-CDL holders. To be eligible for the program, candidates must be age 18 and older interested, and interested in a career in the transportation industry.

    The training is free and upon completion of the program, qualified drivers hired by the district can earn $16 an hour and district provided health insurance.

    Serve 4 Collier 



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