• The Role of an eLearning Coach


    An eLearning Coach is the designated adult who will have the primary responsibility of

    being actively involved in all school related work and activities. eLearning Coaches are the

    primary point of contact for all teachers and school staff. A parent may designate

    himself/herself as the eLearning Coach or may find another trusted family adult to serve in

    this role. In all cases, the parent is ultimately responsible for ensuring adherence to school


    The eLearning Coach will:

    • actively monitor, assist, and motivate the student daily
    • communicate regularly with the student’s teachers and their eLearning Mentor
    • ensure the student is engaged and follows the weekly pacing guide(s) and schedule that

    includes attending teacher required live WebEx sessions and completing weekly

    assignments per program requirements

    In Elementary School, the eLearning Coach will work side-by-side with the student. Each

    week, the eLearning Coach will review upcoming lessons to ensure any advanced

    preparation is completed and attend eLearning Coach training/support sessions via WebEx

    Learning Coaches will check school communications to find exact times and online meeting

    links. The eLearning Coach of an elementary student can expect to spend 3-4 hours a day

    supporting the student’s education.

    While students begin to gain independence in both Middle and High School, they still need consistent

    guidance and support from their eLearning Coach to ensure academic success. eLearning

    Coaches of Middle and High School students can expect to spend 1-3 hours per day supporting their

    child's education. The eLearning Coach will work closely with the student’s teachers to

    monitor all aspects of a child’s online schooling experience.