PRMS Athletics
  • The students of Pine Ridge Middle will have the opportunity to participate in several different seasons of intramural play and to possibly take part in interscholastic competitions around the district. 

    We would like to share some important details with you:

      • Intramural Play—every student who desires to play the sport offered is ENCOURAGED to join during the intramural season. Intramurals operate with a cost of $20 per sport, this can be paid with cash or a check with 'Intramurals' in the memo.
      • Buses will be provided for those students who need assistance with transportation. Bus routing is only done weekly.
      • To participate in Intramurals, an Athletic Acknowledgment Form must be completed for that sports season and returned to school prior to the students' participation in intramurals. Athletic Acknowledgment Forms are required for EACH sport a student is participating, the cost of $20 is only once per sport. Parents can pre-pay for the all 3 seasons at a cost of $50, this form is only available during August and September.
      • Interscholastic Competitions—following the intramural portion of the program, a final team will be selected to represent Pine Ridge Middle during competitions against other local middle schools at designated locations. Since there is only one final team allowed, it could possibly consist of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. However, whereas ALL students are encouraged to participate in the earlier intramural play, no student is guaranteed a position on the final team or play time. Additionally, to be involved in this segment of the sports program, students must have participated in the intramural program, provide proof of health insurance, a completed release of liability, a physical exam form, and Birth Certificate through Aktivate.
      • Online paperwork through Aktivate only needs to be completed if a student has MADE an interscholastic team 
      • It will be the responsibility of the parents to obtain a physical exam for the student and to provide the clearance certificate through Aktivate if trying out for PRMS Teams.
  • We look forward to seeing your students in the Pine Ridge Middle Athletic Program. Please keep in mind that after-school programs are a privilege. The purpose of this program is to gain sports experience and to build character.

    For more information, please contact Coach Henning at Have fun, and GO PANTHERS!

Last Modified on June 6, 2024