Current Volunteers: All volunteer applications expire every June 30th. If you wish to volunteer during the 23-24 school year, please submit a new volunteer application by clicking the link "Apply to Volunteer" on the CCPS Volunteer website and follow the steps outlined below.


    School-Based Volunteers

    All prospective volunteers are required to complete an online volunteer application, present a valid US-issued photo ID, and review volunteer orientation materials to become eligible to volunteer. The prospective volunteer cannot participate in any volunteer activities until these steps have been completed and the application has been approved by the school.


    Steps to become a school-based volunteer (New & Returning):

    1. Apply to volunteer by clicking "Apply to Volunteer".

    2. Contact the school's volunteer support contact to complete the following:

    *Present valid US-issued photo identification at the school

    *Have badge picture taken at the school

    *Complete volunteer orientation

    CCPS Volunteer Handbook

    3. Once the items in step two have been completed, the school's volunteer contact will print your volunteer badge. Please note there will be a 2-3 day delay before the badge will be printed and available for pickup. The school can issue you a temporary visitor pass until the badge is printed, if necessary.


    Overnight / Out-of-County Trips

    If you will be participating in overnight or out-of-county trips, please contact the school's volunteer contact at least three (3) weeks prior to the trip to complete the necessary forms and fingerprinting requirements.


    VME Volunteers

    Veterans Memorial Elementary appreciates volunteers and all that they do for our students, teachers, and school community. In order to volunteer, one must have an up-to-date volunteer application and have completed all CCPS volunteer steps. Parents and community members are encouraged to share their many talents by helping students and teachers in a variety of ways. Volunteers can perform a wide variety of services such as helping in the classroom, the media center, or chaperoning a field trip. As safety is a priority, we kindly remind ALL volunteers that you are required to wear your CCPS issued volunteer badge at all times while on campus.

    If you have questions about the application process or volunteering at VME or your volunteer status, please contact our front office 239-377-8800.


    Closed Campus

    On district/state assessment days VME will observe a closed campus, this means no volunteers or visitors on campus during the school day. Specific dates will be communicated in the VME Messenger. Thank you in advance!


    Lunch with Your Child

    VMEs families to join their child(ren) for lunch. If you are planning to have lunch with your child(ren), please see the below VME check-in procedures. While on campus please be sure to wear your printed guest on campus sticker badge where it is visible at all times.


    In planning ahead for having lunch with your child(ren) please review the below VME procedures:

    • Please check with your child’s teacher for his/her lunchtime (this does not include recess which takes place prior to lunch)
      • You may check-in and wait in the front office prior to this time. Parents will be able to make their way to the cafeteria 5 minutes prior to their child’s lunchtime.
    • Anyone joining a child for lunch must be on the student contact list for that child.
      • You can confirm who is on this list by visiting the parent portal.

    • There is designated seating in our VME cafeteria for Lunch with Your Child. Lunch guests should plan to eat lunch with their child in this designated area.
      • Friends of your child are not able to join.

    • Cafeteria restrooms are for students only, adults needing to utilize the restroom will need to do so in the front office.



    VME Check-in Procedures (Volunteers and Lunch Guests)

    Our VME main entrance (front office) is equipped with a video doorbell. Volunteers arriving on campus will need to ring the doorbell next to the door to request entry. When the front office staff answers, you will be asked how you can be assisted. Please present your volunteer badge or photo identification to the camera (directly above the doorbell). You MUST have a photo ID to enter campus! Office staff will confirm you are scheduled to volunteer. Once approved and access is granted, please do not allow other individuals to enter behind you. As you enter the lobby, you will follow our volunteer sign-in procedures utilizing the laptop to scan your volunteer badge. If you do not have your volunteer badge you will need to be assisted by office staff to verify you are an approved volunteer and sign you in using your photo identification.


    VME Volunteer Coordinator 

    Xiomara Reyes