Recruitment and Retention

Instructional and Non-Instructional Recruitment and Retention Data

  • Data will be linked below for instructional and non-instructional positions by the second Tuesday of each month. Example: September data will be linked by October 11.


    Instructional data includes all full time contracted certified instructional staff allocated in the District. 


    Non-instructional data includes all other full time contracted employees allocated in the District (managers, specialists, assistants, supervisors, bus drivers, nutrition services, etc.)


    Understanding the Data


    Personnel Action Form (PAF). These are all employment actions taken in the District like hiring, separating, or changes of assignments (moving locations or roles within the same site or to a different site).


    Changes of assignments happen within the same building or to another building for a variety of reasons. Some examples are for a promotion to a new role, change in grade level needs, desire to teach at a different level (elementary to middle school), location closer to their home, childcare issues, etc. These changes happen with both instructional and non-instructional staff year round. 


    A New Hire is a new employee is onboarded and screened through the application process to an allocated position that was posted as a vacancy. 


    Long Term Guest Teachers (LTGT) are individuals with a minimum of a bachelors degree who assume the role of a teacher in a vacant position or for a teacher who is out on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Many of our guest teachers are working toward obtaining proper certification to become a full- time instructional staff member. 


    A Vacancy is an open allocated positions with no instructional staff assigned.